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Get up early & Be healthy.



Self discipline

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Do what you love, love what you do.


Because of an event

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Recently, I want to write an proposal, so I surf on the Internet. Just remember a couple month ago I participated in an online article writing movement called EduNext. What a surprise, lots of useful information I discovered through this point.

What is our knowledge graphic? Is it a connection from points to points, or from people to people?

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For a long time I did come here. Several reasons. But now I’m back.


Club Officers Meeting: Planning and Implementation

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DT Toastmasters Club had an officers meeting tonight. This is a big improvement for DT club and it should be held regular at least once a month. The meeting purpose should be determine the goals and set plans and then, focus on implementation. An efficient meeting is based on preparation and open discussion. Many companies and organizations are seeking out how to improve their meeting efficiency, so do us. Few steps to plan and implement:

  • Determine goals: A goal is a clearly written statement that communicates the results you want to achieve. It specifies what and when, not why and how.
    • Submit the club;
    • Get new member kits;
    • Meeting roles backup;
    • Determine membership fees;
  • Establish strategies: List the specific steps or tasks that must be taken to achieve the goal.
    • Talk to Otis how to submit the club;
    • Talk to SIP club fees and purchase Toastmasters manuals;
    • Improve DT Club email system;
    • DT Club online promotion issues;
  • Set a timetable:Priorities and scheduling are critical to planning. Make a list of tasks according to their priority and establish deadlines for completion of each.
  • Assign responsibilities:Delegate tasks to your team. Be clear about what you want to each person to do. Consider the various skills or other contributions each person can bring to the project, and assign people to tasks that make use of their skills.
    • Talk to Otis how to submit the club; (who, when)
    • Talk to SIP club fees and purchase Toastmasters manuals; (Jade, before meeting on Saturday)
    • Improve DT Club email system; (Who, When)
    • DT Club online promotion issues; (Who, When)
  • Anticipate obstacles: Leaders anticipate problems and turn them into possibilities. Often, obstacles motivate the team to think more creatively;

Leaders need a plan to ensure they will accomplish their goals in an efficient manner. A plan provides direction for the team. The planning process involves setting goals and objectives, and preparing plans and schedules for implementing them. Everyone is a leader for your life, so a good plan will lead to  a good life.


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Suzhou Downtown Club had our fifth meeting yesterday. Our members have made great improvement during these five journey.

Lisa and Lina were the first time to take meeting roles and they were very supportive and attentive.

For table topic session, Ivy had prepared a lot and the table topic session was very interesting.

Joe did his C1 speech and it was a very impressive start. No notes, use the word of the day to begin with his speech. We learnt a lot form his sharing.

Cindy’s English is very fluent and his speech is also very well. From her, I learned gratefulness.

I made my AC1 speech, The Entertaining Speaker. I’m not satisfied with my performance. Need more preparation next speech.

Chic gave us a very encouraging General Evaluation. She applauded to every meeting roles and also gave everyone a good suggestion to improve next time. Some good vocabulary from Chic: judgement, commend, attentive, engage, transition.

Three things I learned:

  • Preparation: Good performance based on good preparation;
  • Gratefulness: keep a gratitude mind and a positive attitude;
  • Applause: encourage everyone during the meeting;
Keep going.